After reading the above review, by Reza Vogel I was a bit apprehensive to visit this shop, but after going, i can say it is the best wedding shop around!!! I visited on a saturday and it was very busy. I also had to wait about 10 minutes but the wait was well worth it. The service I received was excellent and the lady that served me was very attentive.
She was with me for about 40 minutes and although the shop was buzzing with people, I felt like i was the only one in the shop.
The prices were reasonable, they offered cake tasting, and the shop products were great with a large selection of items available. I booked all the items I need while I was there. I also mentioned to the lady about the above review as the service I received was nothing like in that , and she said that the shop does get very busy at times, and they do prefer bookings, if someone requires extra attention so they can accommodate them, she also said that if a customer is already complaining without even being served it is better they go elsewhere, as some people can never be made happy.
Touche One stop Wedding Shop, I will be recommending you to everyone.!! Great job. Check out other great reviews on this shop at true local site.

– Sarah Saccu